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Why Spring Framework?

Hi friends, first we have to know what is the need of Spring Framework.Why Industry choose this framework for developing enterprise application.why it is highly demand in the market.To give the clarity, i am explaining before the spring framework how the project was implementing.

Generally project implementation consists three layers like

  1. Presentation layer
  2. Business layer
  3. Database layer

Presentation layer

In presentation layer industry people concentrates on Struts, JSF. These frameworks are implemented by the view part. There is a controller part which controls the total work flow of application. That means every request and response is coming under through controller only. Before Struts and JSF, people were used servlet and jsp, but these are not fully supported by MVC. Here the controller provided by Servlet are : ActionServlet, FilterDispatcher, StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter. These controllers are called as front controller.

Business layer

The industry people were using EJB technology to develop business layer. The business layer represents the business component. Business component defines the business logic. EJB technology provides some concepts like SessionBean, EntityBean etc.

Database layer

Finally there is a database layer have to be developed. There are so many databases that we can use like Oracle, db2, sql server, CDH(Customer Data Hub) etc.

Before spring framework the project architecture was implementing in this way.
Then here the question will arise where the developer is facing the problem. Here there is no problem in presentation layer, no problem in database layer, but there is lots of problems in business layer, just we will discuss:

Drawbacks of EJB:

In order to overcome these drawbacks, Rohd Johnson, one of the team member of EJB technology developed a small company named Interface21 by taking 21 members. The members developed a framework that is spring framework under the guidance of Rohd Johnson. It released in the market in 2003.

What is Spring?

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