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  1. Inheritance is supported by Hibernate, that means if sub class object will be saved, then its super class object will also be stored into the database.

  2. Hibernate supports One-To-Many, One-To-One, Many-To-Many-to-Many, Many-To-One relationships.

  3. Hibernate supports collections like List , Set, Map.

  4. In hibernate, all exceptions are Un-checked, so there is no required to write try, catch, or to write throws. One translator is available in hibernate that converts checked to Un-checked.

  5. In Hibernate, primary keys are generated automatically when records are stored into database.

  6. Hibernate has its own query language which is called HQL and that is independent.

  7. While we are inserting any record,if we don't have any particular table in the database, JDBC arises an error like "View not exist", and throws exception, but in case of hibernate, if it not found any table in the database, it will create the table for its own.

  8. Hibernate supports cache mechanism as a result performance will be increased.

  9. Annotations also supported by Hibernate.

  10. Hibernate provided Dialect classes.

  11. Getting pagination in hibernate is very simple.


  1. Lots of API is used in hibernate, so when we develop hibernate application, we have to know.

  2. Hibernate is not suitable for Batch processing.

  3. Hibernate is not suitable for Small projects because for small project having few tables it is useless to work with hibernate.

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