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JSP Action Elements

JSP provides a bunch of standard action tags that we can use for specific tasks such as working with java bean objects, including other resource, forward the request to other resource etc. We know that JSP Directives are used during translation phase, but JSP actions are used during request processing phase. Unlike Directives Actions are re-evaluated each time the page is accessed.


There are many JSP action tags which are as follows:

JSP Action Tags Description
jsp:include includes another resource.
jsp:forward forwards the request and response to another resource.
jsp:useBean creates or locates bean object.
jsp:setProperty sets the value of property in bean object.
jsp:getProperty prints the value of property of the bean.
jsp:plugin embeds another components such as applet.
jsp:param sets the parameter value. It is used in forward and include mostly.
jsp:fallback can be used to print the message if plugin is working. It is used in jsp:plugin.

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