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JSP Taglib directive

The JSP API allows to define custom JSP tags that look like HTML or XML tags and a tag library is a set of user-defined tags that implement custom behaviour based on the user's requirement. This directive is used basically for using Custom tags(user defined) in JSP. The general form of this directive is:

<%@taglib uri ="taglibURI" prefix="tag prefix"%>

Where URI is uniform resource locator, which is used to identify the location of custom tag and tag prefix is a string which can identify the custom tag in the location identified by uri.


<%@ taglib uri="http://www.sample.com/mycustomlib" prefix="tagdemo" %>
<tagdemo:welcome 2 java8s.com/>

As you can see that uri is having the location of custom tag library and prefix is identifying the prefix of custom tag.

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