PL/SQL Cursor Introduction

A Cursor is a temporary work area which is created in the system memory,when a SQL statement is executed.
This work area is used to store data retrieve from the database and manipulate that data.
A Cursor can hold more than one row,but process one row at a time.
In PL/SQL 2 types of cursor,such as

  1. Implicit Cursor
  2. Explicit Cursor

Implicit Cursor

Implicit Cursors are created automatically,When DML statement like Insert,Update,Delete are executed.
When a select statement that returns one row which is executed then also implicit cursors are created.

Explicit Cursor

Explicit Cursor must be created,when we executed a select statement that returns more than one row.
Although Explicit Cursor store multiple records,but only one record can be processed at a time,which is called as current row.

Note:Here,We observe implicit and explicit cursor have the same functionality,but they are diffrent by they are way of accessing.


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