Java Projects For Students

Here,I have presented some java projects in students level for their minor and major projects. All projects have developed in advanced java technology. Under the guidance of Trilochan Tarai, all projects have developed. It is possible that you can develop in better way, i mean in good design and in good effective way by adding more and more features. If you can do, then you can mail me at


  1. All projects have developed in Adv. Java which have executed in Eclipse IDE.
  2. I have presented also projects reports, i mean objective, scope, modules, functional and non-functional requirements, etc.
  3. Here i have used Oracle 10g XE database as back-end. In my system i have taken username is system and password is oracle for the oracle database.

Java project list Project Name Technology
1 E-Semester Registration JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
2 Alumni Management Project JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
3 E-Shopping Project JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
4 Faculty Management System JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
5 E-Recruitment System Project JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
6 Online exam project JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
7 Library Management System JSP, JavaScript, JDBC
8 Payroll Management System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
9 College Management System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
10 Transportation Management System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
11 Wedding Management JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
12 Online Banking System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
13 Intranet Chatting System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
14 Blood Donation Management JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
15 Hospital Management System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
16 Invoice Billing System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
17 Hotel Reservation System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
18 Human Resource Management JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
19 Online Attendance Management JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
20 Railway Inquiry System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
21 Smart City JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
22 Project Management System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC
22 Grievance Management System JSP,JavaScript, JDBC


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