Introduction to Web Services

  1. In general if we will discuss what is web service.then we can say the service what we will get over web.
  2. Here one application(let in JAVA) can communicate another application(let in C++) on different platforms.
  3. So we can say web service is an application for communication. As i can say a java application can communicate with C++, PHP, .net applications
  4. It is an application for interoperable machine to machine communication
  5. Web service is a specification that means a set of rules and guide lines and how 2 applications communicate with each other. Web services have no API.

There are two types of Web Services such as SOAP [Simple Object Access Protocol] web services and REST[Representational State Transfer]ful web services.

Basic Terminology of Web Services

  1. UDDI stands for Universal Description, Discovery and Integration.
  2. It is a XML based framework describing, discovering and integrating web services.
  3. It is a directory of web service interfaces described by WSDL, containing information about web services.


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