JAVA Editions

Java came to the market by taking three editions like:

  1. Java 2 Standard Edition(J2SE)
  2. Java 2 Enterprise Edition(J2EE)
  3. Java 2 Micro Edition(J2ME)

java editions

J2SE so-called as Core JAVA which is the basic foundation. It is consisting of basic core concepts and applications. If you want to expertise in JAVA you have to know Core JAVA first. Core JAVA is specifically used to develop a standalone application or desktop application. 

J2EE so-called as Core JAVA specifically used to develop web & enterprise application. At industry, you will use J2EE widely for development of an application. Nowadays JAVA Frameworks(Spring, Hibernate, etc.) highly demands at Industry for application development. 

J2ME is specifically used to develop Mobile or device applications

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