How to install JDK

To develop and execute a java program, we need an environment that is JDK(Java Development Kit). So first we have to install JDK (latest version is JDK1.8) in system. So let’s see how to install !!

First, we download jdk1.8 from Google.



After downloading, install JDK. Let’s see the following screenshots for installation:





How to set the class path after JDK installation

Hi friends, after JDK installation, we have to do an additional task, that is class path setup. Now we will see how to set the class path:
First right click on my computer -> properties -> then see the following screenshots:

java class path1


java class path2


java class path3

java class path4

Then finally click ok button.

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– May 13, 2020:

Greate Experience...

– May 13, 2020:

Greate Experience...