Java 12 Introduction

Oracle released Java 12 in 19th March 2019 and announced every new release will come to market every six months thereafter. The main purpose is to make new releases more frequent for the Java ecosystem, with certain releases earmarked as long-term support (LTS). And by support, we mean the allocation of update releases for bug fixes and critical security patches. This latest version offers a list of new features such as Switch Expressions, Default CDS Archives, Shenandoah, Microbenchmark Suite, etc..


JDK 12 release schedule
2018/12/13 Rampdown Phase One (fork from main line)

2019/01/17 Rampdown Phase Two

2019/02/07 Release-Candidate Phase

2019/03/19 General Availabilit

The latest version of Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) is JDK 12 as described by JSR 386 (Java Specification Request) in the Java Community Process

JAVA 12 Benefits


  • In JAVA 12 switch statement is extended for making code process easier.
  • Garbage collection pause times is reduced by processing evacuation work while running threads, that means pause times are consistent regardless of the heap size.
  • Add a suite of microbenchmarks into the JDK build source code–streamlining the running of existing benchmarks and the creation of new ones.
  • Eliminate any duplicate work necessary with maintaining two port
  • Make aborting the garbage collection process much more efficient by breaking up the mixed collection group into mandatory and optional parts


Download JAVA 12
Download Java from the official java web site:



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