Spring Boot Introduction

What is Spring Boot ?


  • First of all spring boot is not aframework, it is way to create any kind ofspring application with minimal or zero configuration.
  • We can say it is an approach to develop spring application very low configuration.
  • If you are already familiar with spring framework, then it is easy to learn because Spring Boot is nothing but it developed on top of existing Spring Framework.
  • It is a completely new project from Spring Team (The Pivotal Team).

Spring Boot Features:

  • It is very easy to develop spring boot applications with Java.
  • It reduces lots of development task and increases productively.
  • It avoids writing lots of boilerplate code, Annotations and XML configuration.
  • It is very easy to integrate Spring Boot Application with its Spring system like spring JDBC, SpringORM, SpringData, Spring Security etc.
  • It Follows “Opinionated Defaults Configuration “approach to reduce developer effort.
  • It provides embedded HTTP servers like Tomcat, Jetyy, etc. To develop and test our web applications very easily.
  • It provides lots of plugins to work with and embedded and in memory databases very easily.
  • It provides some defaults to quick start new projects with in no time.
  • It avoids XML Configuration completely.
  • It provides CLI (Command Line Interface)tool to develop and test .Spring Boot (Java or Groovy)Applications from command prompt easily and quickly.
  • It provides lots of plugins to develop test Spring Boot Applications very easily using Build tools like Maven.


  • It is very tough and time consuming process to convert existing or legacy Spring Framework projects into Spring Boot applications .It is best for new spring projects.

Note : The current version of Spring Boot is 1.4.3

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