Spring Introduction


  • Spring is open source and a light weight framework developed by Rod Johnson in 2003.
  • Spring is initial released by INTERFACE21 and now it removed as SpringSouce.org
  • Spring is a modular framework.
  • Spring framework can be used real time application.
  • Spring framework is non-invasive that means there is no need to extend or implement their
    class from any predefined class or interface given by Spring API.
  • Spring is light weight framework because of its POJO model
  • Spring Framework made J2EE application development very easy.



   POJO is usually used to describe a class that doesn't need to be a subclass of anything, or implement
specific interfaces, or follow a specific pattern. POJO = Plain Old Java Object. It has properties, getters
and setters for respective properties.


  • Spring framework is simple, portable and non-invasive.
  • It is easy to execute spring application, because for testing spring application, server is not mandatory.
    Spring has it’s own container to run the applications
  • In spring objects are loosely coupled which is the core concept of spring framework. Later on we will
    see about loose coupling concept and it is advantageous from tight coupling
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