Spring  MVC is an architectureal design pattern to develope dynamic Web application and Enterprise application.Like MVC, spring MVC have also three components.

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller

Spring MVC maintains a standard flow of execution:

In spring web MVC their is a client side and their is a server side.First ,request coming from client side must received by DispatcherServlet(FrontController).DispatcherServlet get to know the Controller class name by taking the help of HandlerMapping.HandlerMapping is the helper of DispatcherServlet.

So,with the help of HandlerMapping, the request will go to the Controller and the Controller process the request and returnsModelAndView object that back to the DispatcherServlet.
Then with the help of ViewResolver DispatcherServlet get to know the actual view page and finally DispatcherServlet pass this object to the view page to display the result.

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