Setter Injection vs. Constructor Injection

Now we got a vast idea about setter injection and constructor injection with dependencies. let us see the difference between setter and constructor injection.

Setter Injection


Constructor Injection

1. With Setter Injection, the create instance might be there, but without all the required dependencies (as they have not been set through the setter). A user can use the object without setting de required dependencies.


1. When using Constructor Injection, all required dependencies should be provided through the constructor, as there should not be any setter, to inject them later on. So the instance has all required dependencies.

2. If we write setter and constructor injection for the same property, then Setter Injection will override the Constructor Injection.


2. But, constructor injection cannot override the setter injected values

3. If we have more dependencies, then setter injection is not recommended as bean length will increase.


3. In this case, Constructor injection is highly recommended.

4.  Bean class object as mutable


4. Bean class object as immutable


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