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Best Tutorial For JAVA

JAVA is a general purpose high level programming language. General purpose means using JAVA we can develop
varieties of applications like desktop application, web application, enterprise application,
device application etc. and high level programming means the source code whatever you are writing
that is in human readable form.

Best Tutorials For PYTHON

Pythonis a general purpose interpreted high level programming language.
Python is a beginner’s language, that means without any knowledge of any programming language, you can learn python.

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  • Java Example:

    class Test
         public static void main (String[] args)
             System.out.println("Welcome 2 Java8s");


Trilochan Tarai

CEO is an online Java and Python tutorial which has designed and developed to provide the depth concept on Java and Python technology. It generates excellent ideas which exist different classes of users like students,professors,software developers,and many more users. The reader can access the content online for enhancing their skills. I have presented a huge number of programs on Core Java,Adv.Java, Spring, Hibernate and DataScience using Python etc.based on the Industry requirements with real-time examples. This tutorial will give a better platform to create your career as Java & Python Resource.

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